The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Kathy told me about her life, her love of gymnastics and diving, her children and, in this case, her honeymoon in Hawaii. Illustrated by Anita Warner.

I took my honeymoon in Hawaii- we left the Monday after our wedding because I knew my husband would be late the day after. I knew.

After a ten hour flight, I was just happy to get out of that seat. My first thought was "thank God." I really did take a big whiff of the air, and it smelled just like coconut suntan lotion.

What was Hawaii like? The water is blue, the yellow flowers are yellow, the red flowers are red. Everything is vibrant. You go outside and you hear the birds squawking not chirping like you do here. You take an airplane anywhere you want to go, just jump to the next island, and when you go there, all the plants will be different.

We did everything. We biked down Haleakala Mountain. They drove us up the mountain with the bike, up past the clouds. You could watch the sun rise with the clouds next to you, just at waist height. It was cold at the top, so you dressed in layers that you cast off as you coasted down and it got warmer and warmer.

We rented a jeep and we'd drive around the island. If we heard a waterfall we could just jump out and go swimming in the stream.


How do you spell “Haleakala”

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