The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I sat down with my friend Ajwad Rahman, and he told me about the first time he met and kissed his current girlfriend, when he was 15

I was in a relationship with this girl for a month. It was an online relationship, but it wasn't like we met randomly on the internet- she was a friend of a friend. We decided we liked each other a lot so we went on our first date. At a children's public library.

Back then,  I was still into wearing fedoras and I thought that I was stylish. I was standing there because I was early as I always have been to all things. And I was just standing there waiting for ages, terrified that she wouldn't be what I expected.

The bad thing that happened was when she saw me, I got so nervous that I ran away, back into the library. She saw me run into the library , and she chased me. Eventually she caught up to me in the basement, and well... we talked for a while, and we talked more and we just kissed.

The funny part is it was an active part of the library, so we had to keep stopping when people walked by.

My First Kiss

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