The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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We were best friends up until 3rd grade when I found out that she would be moving from our small town in Maryland to Amman, Jordan in the Middle East.

Her father, who was an oncologist, had gotten a job there. We emailed a lot and talked on the phone occasionally after she left. One day she asked if I could visit her. I asked my parents and they actually said yes!

I was ten years old and it was my first time getting on a plane and I got on it by myself. Since I was so young, guards had to take me to and from the plane. I got all types of special treatment. Someone even asked me if I wanted coffee, no one had ever asked me that before. The flight was 11 hours and the caffeine kept me up nearly the whole time. When I got to the airport, I remember it being kind of dark.

I arrived at my best friend’s house by taxi. The house was crazy big and a guard stood outside of it 24/7. The inside was gorgeous; everything was marble, even the steps. Her backyard was nice too. Even though it was in the desert, she had grass and apricot trees. I must’ve eaten like ten a day, they were delicious!

One day I was taken to her father’s cancer center and the Queen of Jordan came to see how much progress the center had made. I can never forget how beautiful she was. She had long hair and fair skin. Her big smile comforted me as she shook my hand.

Queen Rania

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