The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Brad, 24 tells us of a time when he was in a different relationship, a different state of mind and, in many ways,  an entirely different person. He said he sees his time in Italy as a time where his life branched off and he chose his path.

I was a different person when I was in Italy, and I feel like I'm not that person any more, down to the fact that I can hardly remember Italian any more. I've been reduced to just being able to ask for directions and such. Still, to this day, Italy feels like a home I left, though not necessarily where I belong now.

My trip to Venice-the trip where I took this picture- was just a day trip. I had eaten lunch on the canal with my partner at the time: Stefano, who I called, simply, Ste. I still remember what I ate: Veal Parmesan, wrapped in prosciutto. The entire area around the bridge smelled like food too, like the flatbread pizzas that would sometimes be cooked in ovens right out on the street.

Venice was like all cities in many ways, but different as well. The sounds, for one. Where you would walk into the streets of Philadelphia and hear car horns, you would hear the motorboats whirring down the canals. And while the people of Venice were typical city people, they were warmer. They would greet you with a hug, a naturally stress reducing action.

When I saw this bridge, I was at a time in my life when I was looking for somewhere to go. It is a state of mind I haven't replicated since.

Greetings from Venice

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