The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Claire and I, who I met at Simpson House in Philadelphia spoke of girl scouts and the way things were.

 Just after we were married and throughout the 1950's my husband and I would spend our time traveling all across the country. I think during that time we visited almost every state in the union. Since my husband was in the service the people he knew were scattered all across the country so we would drive to see them, stay a night or two and drive off to see someone else.

Back in those days traveling was a little different because you just didn't have all the things you have now. You would be driving and it would take a long time to get to the next motel to stop. We would do things like drive through the night to make it easier.

The trip that stands out the most has to be when we went to Alaska. Some people that my husband knew from the service just decided to get together and take a boat from Oregon to Alaska to go on a tour and to visit one of their buddies who had just moved there. It was a big, fun group, and we saw a lot of great things. The buddy who had moved their built a big cabin, and we stayed there.

It struck me just how different things in Alaska were. The people were so nice and friendly, and they were different. The house they lived in were different- a lot of them just lived in cabins in the woods, and not in town. If you went out in the wilderness, where we spent some time, the landscape looked different. And you saw animals that you would never see here.  

Going to Alaska

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