The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Written by Julie T. at visit to Alzheimer's Association NJ

I flew many different planes in my lifetime; it all started out when I was around ten years old: just me, the pilot, and my piper cub.

I really loved it; I had quite some experiences with planes. I would fly low. I would fly high. I would fly up, down, over, and even upside-down. I would do crazy things up in the sky, sometimes my stomach would jump with the rickety bumps of the wind against the plane. I even flew co-pilot in helicopters, but helicopters are a tricky breed.

 And well, being a pilot was a whole new ball game. Now, I have hundreds of different hand-made airplanes created out of soda and beer cans to commemorate my flights and adventures in the clouds.

And Away I’d Go…

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