The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Greetings from Universal, Florida

April 2nd, 2013            Mid-day

            Holding onto the ball tight, remembering the 5 points of contact. I elude defenders left and right. There’s only one person left that can stop me now. WHAM. Like an alligator attacking its pray, my sister Kelsey has her hands around my neck and will not let go. The ball begins to slip from my picture-perfect grip, until my other hand catches it. They did not teach us how to brace ourselves for a grip around the neck. I was improvising at this point. As I’m about to break free, Mom yells “The two of you, knock it off!” This was Mom’s warning. She wasn’t mad at us yet. We both knew that we could continue to struggle for position to see who was more physically dominant, but Kelsey realized this first. Unlucky for me, that gave her a head start after the moment’s pause. She had already had her hands wrapped around my neck, what more of a head start did she want? At this point, my only option was holding her off until Mom let out another yelp, “That’s enough guys”. Mom was beginning to get upset. Being the momma’s boy that I am, I stopped putting up a fight with Kelsey; unfortunately she did not. Her grip upon my neck was getting even more firm now. Maybe I was getting blue, I’m not entirely sure, but all of a sudden the jaws of life brought the air back to my lungs. I look over and see Mom pinching the back of Kelsey’s arm. Ha ha, she didn’t know when to stop clowning around. Now Mom is really mad with Kelsey and only a little mad with me. Kelsey may have won the battle, but I certainly won the war.

            This scene fits into the greater scope of my life because my sister Kelsey and I do, and did, everything together growing up. Even when were not together, we still manage to be doing the same thing at the same time. It could very well be that we have twin telepathy. But this picture captures our relationship because she has always been abusing me, whether it’s mentally or physically. You name it, it happened. Even though I make her out to be this mean person, there is some good in her. She just has a difficult time showing her compassion towards others. 

Choke Slam

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