The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Greetings from the Philadelphia, PA

04/27/14 Holi Festivle

              So Drexel decided to have a Holi Festival. Yeah I didn’t know exactly what it was either the first time my friend, Riley told me about it. Yet, that didn’t stop me from going with him and dragging along my other friend, Henry. It was a beautiful morning, even though the sun stung my used-to-cave-lighting eyes. Henry and I walked to a small park where a small gathering had formed.

            “I’m guessing its hear.”

             A little while later Riley met us on the green grass. The three of us sat there waiting for the festival to start.

            “You think we should take off our shoes?” Henry asked. I thought we’d be fine. We did leave our bags, which included a bottle of water and our sunglasses. As we watched the gathering of people get up and walk more toward the center of the park, we followed. At the center, there was a table set with boxes filled with colored chalk, I guess.

            Our attention was grabbed as a microphone was turned on and a screech pushed its way past my ears and into my brain. I immediately reached for my ears to cover them. The people in charge introduced themselves and gave a little information on the festival. Then they got the chalk into our hands.

            The music was turned on and turned up. I guess this was a mark to rip the bags open and start the party. Riley and Henry were next to me, so of course they were my first targets. Yet, I didn’t rip my bag fast enough. From the corner of my eye, I saw Riley’s hand extended. I turned my head and watched the red chalk, in slow motion, leave his hand and fight against gravity. I wasn’t able to watch it all, as my body’s instincts took over and I was forced to close my eyes.   

            The chalk hit my face like a soft blanket. For some reason, I was expecting pain. I kept my eyes forced shut, as the chalk flowed from my hair to my face and then down to the ground.

            I opened my eyes, and my bag was ripped open. It was my turn as I reached in and grabbed the chalk. I let my arm go back and then forward again. As if I was trying to throw the heaviest pound of weight, my arm jet across and let the colors take over Riley’s face and shirt.

            This action continued until we were out of chalk. I threw my bag away and let my eyes wonder onto the crowd of people still throwing their chalk. I watched the colors fill up the air, cover the shirts, and be removed from eyes lids. Henry stood next to me. I looked down at our shoes.

            “I think we should have taken off our shoes.”

CONTEXT (I forgot to post in the actual thread)

During this stressfull term i've used small memories of these moments to try to get me by. In this moment, I remember beautiful colors flying around on a beautiful day, with my friends. Its just a peaceful memory where the biggest worry I had was whether or not I could open the bag of color before my friend. 

Holi Festival

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