The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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At the shore, Rex watches the water and remembers how he got to the point he's at today

The crashing waves and the sunset are my solace and everything I see is entirely beautiful. I know that the ocean is absolutely huge, but at this very moment it feels as though it’s just me and the open water. All of the things that were once a problem are just vanquished and there is just this. At this second I have peace and all I do is think.

I think about the childhood I had and all the years I spent going to this moment.

I remember the one day that dingus in my class was being an idiot so I pushed him into a snowbank, and he ended up getting a detention. (And I chuckle to myself)

I remember the days where I worked at Yellow Stone and I washed dishes and woke up in the solace of the forest. The sunrises and sunsets acted as the most beautiful time keeper… and then I remember leaving that area to go back to college to finish my degree… then I remember the day I met wife, and then the day I proposed.

Then it’s as though a dam has broken and all my thought s are rushing in more of a rushing flow then a constant stream.

I start to remember things like when my children born, when they spoke their first words, and climbing the mountains that were in our backyard in Colorado. Then I remember leaving those same mountains and seeing seas of green forests in Pennsylvania…

Then I get a tap on my shoulder from my wife.

“Rex come on, you’ve been staring at the water for five minutes… let’s go for a walk.”

She’s right, I have become to fixated on the water and I got lost in past for a moment. So I take her hand in mine and walk along the water for a while and I focus on the present moment rather than the past.

Getting lost in the past for a moment

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