The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I interviewed Darlene in the Free Library of Philadelphia at one of our Memory Stations.  Darlene has lived in Philadelphia her whole life and comes from quite a large family.  Darlene shared some sweet memories of her and her older sister.

The house was quite.  Mom was out shopping and Dad was out working in the city like always.  Stuck in my room with no where to go I put my head to the books, or at least I tried to. Rain danced on my windowsill. Pulling my attention to the urban world outside.  I laid my face against my books and let out a drawn out sigh. Though, seconds later something grabbed my attention.  The voice of Levi Stubbs seemed to be knocking on my closed door.  I crept outside my room, within moments I heard the Four Tops blasting from the living room.  

Peaking around the stairs I saw my sister dancing, all on her own.  Cassandra had a mile long smile on her face and was getting lost in the harmonies of the singers.  She caught my peaking eyes and danced over to the staircase.  Grabbing my hand and bringing me down the railing, all while swinging to and fro.

“Darlene! Do you know the Bop?”

“Because, I’m gunna show you!”

I had heard of the bop, but I had never actually tried it myself.  It looked like a whole lot of fun though, plus Cassandra is one of the best dancers.     

“Now watch me okay?”

I nodded my head and followed along.  Cassandra shuffled her legs from left to right slowly, snapping her fingers with every step. It was hard to keep up at first, but I got the hang of it quickly. Soon enough I was taking all the same steps as Cassandra. Cassandra swinged her elbows around, her black and pink skirt twirled slowly behind her.  

“1, 2, 3, 4!”

“There you go Darlene!”

“It’s The Same Old Song” was just about to finish. Now with a smile a mile long on my face Cassandra grabbed my hands and danced with me.

Dance With Me

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