The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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   I have selected US dream academic for my service project.i walk into church.I saw lots of kid sitting with smile. I starting think about what prevents some people from helping others around them who are in need? 

  The question comes out after I finished hear a story from a little Boy, John. John’s mother, called Jessie, marries his father Howard after her seventeenth birthday and gives the birth to John soon. And then both of his parents are sentenced to state prison because of “bank fraud.” Therefore, John is sent to his grandmother who lives in Philadelphia, which leads that young John’s “earliest memory of his mother is her absence “And then a series of unfortunate and tragic experiences happen to John’s childhood. As a matter of fact, young John is definitely a poor boy who is in need, but nobody around him is willing to help him. The similar incidents happen in our life very often, which arouses the opening question: What prevents some people from helping others around them who are in need?

   According to my observation and analysis, I attribute the reasons why people are afraid of helping others around them who are in need to three main aspects, which are selfishness, feeling powerless, and the lack of social responsibility.

            For example, one of the reasons why people ignore those people who need help is selfishness. In talking, when the John describes the divorce of his parents, he presents the terms of his father Howard “if my mother insists on retrieving me from Katherine, Howard promised a meager monthly stipend for child support. This term can appropriately demonstrate the selfishness of Howard, who doesn’t want anyone else to take away his money, even his own child. It is really hard to understand that a father is not willing to help his own son because of selfishness but this is reality and there are more examples in our modern society. Take one of my own experiences for example; when I was young, my mother often took me to buy some vegetables in a supermarket near our home. There was a man, who was disabled and got dysphonia and polio, selling newspaper in front of the supermarket. To be honest, his symptoms of dysphonia and polio were really scared me, although I knew that he was so poor and pathetic. Every time my mother and I met him, my mother always bought his newspaper in a higher price than he asked. However, I noticed, unlike my mother, most people walking around him looked down on him. And some parents even told their children “Just do not care, it’s not our business.” 

  In this example, the man selling newspaper really needs help from others, but selfishness prevents most of people from offering help to him. Those people might think “this man is totally unrelated with me and I don’t want to give any assistance to him, which is not helpful for myself.” Because of this sort of negative thoughts, people only concern themselves and are never willing to offer any assistance to people around them who are in need. 

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