The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This photo was taken by my friend, from her Cruise to the Caribbean. It was taken on the beach in Puerto Rico in summer 2010.

Greetings from Puerto Rico,

Today our ship arrived in the beautiful Puerto Rico. The clouds look vicious, I am not sure how much time we have before it starts to pour. I head over to a spot on the beach. I lay down under the umbrella trying not to get a sunburn, I start to play music on my IPod and I zone out looking at the ocean and the people on the beach. I am not wearing my prescription glasses, so my vision is a little blurry, but I can see a silhouette of a man wearing a bright orange g string. I quickly jump up at this sight and tap my boyfriend on the arm and say “Look!” This cannot get any better, this guy clearly wants attention. His backside is exposed like it’s totally appropriate, as he is chatting up a woman wearing normal beachwear and they continue to carry on their conversation, as if the guy is not wearing a bright orange g string that barely covers anything.

 I can’t make out what language he is speaking, but it looks like he is having a great time. He quickly becomes a beach front attraction as tourists start to approach him to pose for photographs. With every picture it seems like the guy is feeding on this attention and becomes more and more obnoxious. He reminds me of a baboon, who generally stick out their backsides to attract attentions, it is more than a reminder, he is a Baboon. A group of girls approach him for a photo, he strucks different poses, and the girls start to laugh, everyone on the beach is looking at him. A perfect day on the beach in Puerto Rico, don’t worry I have a picture of his backside too!

Greetings from Puerto Rico

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