The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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How my family has come together with our new addition.

My husband and I we were done having kids or so we thought. Samirah 13 yrs. old going on 30 and Kiera with a brain like Einstein.

My life had seem to come full circle we had just brought a new home I was back in school and working full time at Drexel and finally able to sleep past 7am. I mean my kids were at the point that they could make their own bowl of cereal in the morning as well as some small decisions. During the process of the move, I was not feeling well I thought I might be coming down with the flu. Oh well I just figured it was because I was extremely tired, we are excited the kids are excited for the big move so I continued to pack. I still could not seem to shake this flu like symptoms. I thought it was just me being overworked and stressed.

 I suffer from a pituitary adenoma, which is a (pituitary tumor). I just assumed my levels were elevated. I go to work the next day and ask the medical assistant Jessica to draw my blood to check my levels, once my blood was drawn Jessica says “Keirsten can you also give me a urine sample also” sure no problem. I come out of the bathroom give her my sample and walk away back to the front desk.

Jessica “hey Keirsten can I speak to you for a minute”

Do you need something else from me?

            You said that you have been feeling tired and stressed out right.

Yes why is there something wrong?

Well the reason you feel this way is that you are pregnant.

My mouth dropped I did not know how to feel I was nervous, happy and in shock all at the same time. The disbelief was so great I asked for another test, which also came back positive. I called my husband, I said Danny you will never believe what is going on with me. He said what is it Keirsten I said were pregnant. He said ok  I could not gauge his reaction over the phone I did not no weather he was happy or in shock as well, I assumed he did not hear me but he did and he said ok once again. I ended the conversation and informed him that I would talk to him once I got home.

When I got home, I waited for the girls to go to sleep for the night. I said so Danny what do you think about what I told you earlier? His reply “hey momma with this huge grim” he was extremely happy see Danny loves kids because he was an only child. I was in denial for at least 3 months it seemed I just could not understand; I was not supposed to be pregnant.

 Pat my coworker said are you going to tell your mom.

Honestly Pat I am not sure what I am going to do.

What are you scared that you will get in trouble?

I laughed and said, “No I am not in the best health so I think it is just fear and I want to make sure that baby is ok first”.

I wanted to tell my mom that I started throwing out little hints, like mom due to the high levels of mercury I will not be eating fish. Also no more lunchmeat for me, and she was not noticing any of the sodalities.

The following Saturday we took the girls out the Red Lobster to deliver the news , I said guess what girls you are going to have a baby brother or sister, well Samirah informed me that at my age that was not cute. Kiera was extremely happy wanting to know if she could name the baby.

So the next day I called my mom on the phone and said guess what.

She replied what is it Keirsten I said, “You are going be a grandmother again.”

            I heard nothing but silence and then she said. “Samirah will be in college and Kiera will be coming out of high school before this baby goes to kindergarten. “ We laughed and she let me know that every child is a blessing and she was happy”.

I get to my 20-week ultrasound appointment and I am so nervous because they will tell me the sex of the baby. My ultrasound techs name was Marsha she was very nice she had long red hair and a love for stray cats.

I said Marsha can you see it,

She said not yet this little bugger will not open his legs.

I automatically got excited and said it is a boy

She no let me confirm that first. She finally wiggles his legs open and she says yes it is a boy.

My husband jumped up, did a little dance, and said Yes football time. I gave Marsha the biggest hug; we are connected through this little bugger. I requested her from then on to do all my ultrasounds.

I gave birth to a baby boy on March 2, 2012 at 11:55 in the morning who was 6 pounds 11 ounces; his name is James Daniel Walsh Jr. We were quite pleased with our new bundle of joy, and he has been a joy ever since. 


I never thought that I would be pregnant again but God sends little blessing to remind us of love. My husband and I had forgot what this kind of love felt like. It is amazing how a little baby can restore that.


My family

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