The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This is about the search for my kittens and how greatful I was to get them.

I finally got Kevin to agree to get Kittens, so I am looking online to find two siblings. Cats do better when they have a friend and I know that I won’t be home often enough to keep one active by itself. Opening up my computer I go online to look. Hmm, that looks promising.

Single cat, older cat, ohh there are some siblings! Click! “Just Adopted!”

                Back to the front page again. Maybe I’d have better luck on the next page.

Two ginger cats draw my attention. Click! “Gingersnap and Butterscotch are 4 Month old Siblings, who were found under a shed. They are Spayed and neutered.” The two cats are adorably tiny with stripes , like little ginger tigers.

I am driving to the foster house so I can meet the cats. After I stop getting lost, I finally find the house 4 wrong turns later. The woman lets me in and I find the two little cats cowering behind the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. I finally manage to coax the slightly larger one into my arms, and pet it.

“You’re one of the first to get him to purr. He has been afraid around the other applicants.” Not only does the foster mother think highly of me, but it seems that the cat does too. I ask what the process is proceeding forward, to which the lady replies that they only need to finish processing the paper work, and they will be mine. I can’t believe that I will have Kittens. 

The Search

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