The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I instinctively walked down the long, cream-colored room, towards the towering figure of Adam and became captivated by the man all over again.  It was his body language, which twisted in anguish, and his permanently desolate expression that I couldn’t turn my gaze away from.  Alluding to life and death simultaneously, Adam was the epitome of a tortured soul.  And no matter how many times I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and stood in front of this piece, I always found something new to look at, something different to muse over. 

Rodin’s sculpture was art at it’s finest.  It transported me from the MMA into a world I couldn’t travel to otherwise.  Every curve and every muscle of the bronze figure was perfectly kept yet over a century old.  I could almost feel Rodin painstakingly carving out the shape of Adam, knowing he would survive years after his own death.

This is what art is meant to be.  Art is meant to speak to me.  Art is meant to bring me close to life of that particular time.              


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Met Museum

"A" started our conversation by mentioning that she used to live in NY and preferred it to PA. After asking her what she missed the most about New York, she told me the museums. She said whenever she went back to the city, she would always go to the MMA or any other museum she wished to visit. She said she could spend an entire day there, musing over the art work and being transported back in time.

Decade: 2000s
Recorded by Derya Yilmaz on June 27, 2014
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