The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I asked Alyssa what her biggest fear is and she told me

It was an uncommonly dark night and although the kitchen light lit the hallway enough for my pale skin to look an eerie grey, I still hesitated before moving onward.  All I could think about was my mom telling me, “your grandma died in the house…you might see her,” as the carpeted floor creaked underneath my slow, calculated steps. 

I had never seen a ghost before.  I mean, I watched TV shows and movies with them in it, but I still closed my eyes when it got too scary.  Now, I felt like I was the one in that ghost movie trying to avoid the unthinkable.  I hated crossing my grandma’s old room at night.  I always felt like I was going to see a cluster of fog in the shape of an old woman staring at me through the small opening in the door. 

“Ghosts aren’t real.  Ghosts aren’t real,” I told myself as a neared the forbidden room.  I squared my shoulders and stood up straight as I tried to muster enough courage to run briskly across that door.  “One…two…Mom!” I called, once again failing to be that brave girl in the movies.

Waiting for Grandma’s Ghost

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Home in PA

I asked Alyssa what her biggest fear is and she told me "seeing a ghost." Although use never saw a ghost before, she said she was afraid of seeing one because of what her mom told her about her grandmother dying in their house. She said she wasn't afraid during the day, but she really got scared at night.

Decade: 2010s
Recorded by Derya Yilmaz on June 27, 2014
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