The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Mike’s first memory was of himself staring at a pile of vomit that on his front lawn that he had created. Essentially you could say that Billy vomited whatever was blocking his memory before.

I embraced the spectacles of life that surrounded me in my backyard; the colorful flowers that were visited by butterflies, the blades of grass bristling against my leg, and my favorite… the dandelions. I traveled from dandelion to dandelion, blowing intently so that the fluff scattered throughout the air.

I went from dandelion to dandelion, letting their fluff touch my nose for a moment before eradicating it with my overpowering blow. I traveled inches from the dandelion that I just eradicated to the dandelion that had no idea what I was about to do it. I had the ability to both appreciate life for it’s simply beauty but I also I had the ability to completely annihilate. As I went for, what seemed to be, my thousandth dandelion I over excitedly inhaled and swallowed the entirety of the fluff. I didn’t have time to even realize what I just had done to myself before I stood there watching my lunch pour out of my mouth.  

I stared at the pile of vomit I created, and felt something new. I couldn’t exactly put my finger, but I knew something was different. Before plunging into the new feelings of my inner psyche though, I decided that I needed to run inside to tell mother what happened.

An Expelling Experience

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