The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Written by Julie T. at Alz. Association, Summer 2014.

Paul said:

For all the years I’ve traveled, my wife & I have never traveled by boat. Six months ago, my wife and I took a trip to the magnificent state of Alaska with 200 others on Regent Cruise Lines. The cruise lines provided us with an exciting night life complete with singing, dancing and not too mention complimentary meals. As we’d stand alongside the boat deck we could feel the cold breeze in our hair and against our cheeks with the snow covered mountain ranges in the background. Great majestic whales would jump out of the waves alongside of us with sea otters joining the waters below. Our ship would dock twice a day in varying towns leading to new land adventures. On one day trip, my wife was led on a snow sleigh run by at least a dozen strong glorious dogs with the skyline all around her; she looked breathtaking in the nature of Alaska.

Traveling with my wife in the last 57 years has been great- day in and day out as wisdom is gained through our experiences.

Different Places, Different Things

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