The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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 the most important memory in my high school


 I miss my high school life so much.

  I was study in an international high school in Beijing and there has a lot of memories for me. My high school’s English teacher is a really nice person, she doesn’t like other Chinese teachers who are irritable and severe. She always likes to talk about others gossip to us. In this way, her class is very interesting and she is also my favorite teacher in my high school.

  Another unforgettable thing is my Wota Art club. Wota Art is kind of similar with Tubes Dance but is much cooler than that. It is an interesting club and rare to see it in China. We had an amazing show in front whole school’s students and teachers. All the students were exciting about our show and it is also a wonderful experience for me and every club member. Although we studying in different countries now, we still best friends forever.    


My high school

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