The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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the most memory about my dance life

"They are so beautiful!" I thought, while watching a ballet performance. This is the first time I had the dream to become a dancer and at that year I was 6. Mom took me to a dance regiment 3 days later. I joined them soon without doubt.

“I am pride of performing every times!” 6 years later, when I finally could show myself on the stage, I said. Hard practicing took most of my free time during half time of my whole life—6 years.

“It’s so tired to practice every 3 days!” after a long practicing in weekday, I rubbed my sore tiptoe and mumbled. It was already 9pm and I even did not finished my homework.

 “It is 21th century now, I don’t want to put my time in such an old fashion thing anymore.” When I was 17 years old, I gave up dancing so that I can have more time to go to parties and hang out with my friends. That is 2 years ago.

“So beautiful!” Afew days ago and in a different country. When I walked pass a dance classroom I saw people from a big glass door. They were doing dance practicing at that time. They Pressed legs and bended down just like what I did during my 11 years practicing time.

I don’t know whether my story about dance will be continue as a loop. But! I have already planned to take a dance class again next term. 13 years later, I finally realized dance was such important to me.



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