The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I used to dislike Tremella with lotus seeds soup. However, My friend made a special Tremella with lotus seeds soup for me, which makes me feel different.

This is Tremellas with lotus seeds soup, which I used to dislike it but now I love it.

Tremellas with lotus seeds soup is a kind of Chinese soup. Besides Tremellas and lotus seeds, there are still many different good food in it, like fructus lycii, red dates and so on. The soup tastes sweet and it is kind of thick. I used to dislike it, because it was so sweet that I could not bear it. Actually, women in China all like it, because eating it is good for maintaining beauty and keeping young. 

However, I changed my thoughts on the soup after eating it which was made by my best friend here. It was the most delicious Tremellas with lotus seeds soup that I had ever eaten! This was the first home-made Chinese food I ate after my arrival at the U.S.. There was a long time for me not to eat Chinese food. I was really touched at that time. It would take a long time for my friend to make that soup, but she still made it for me. I felt like I was not alone anymore. I had friend who cared about me. Actually, after that time, I still do not like the taste of Tremellas with lotus seeds soup, but I like the soup made by my friend, which makes me feel like at home while eating it. 

Best soup

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