The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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I can live, study, play in there everyday. I hopes inwardly, but is afraid that all of it is just a dream.

         When I was a child, I had a dream that I can travel to another country alone. 

         Now of I live in the U.S. There is a great country with quiet street, beautiful architecture and amazing culture.

         I visited to museum of Philadelphia the day before yesterday. It is a wonderful trip, I never thought the history of American are very close with me. I learned a lot of knowledge with history of train, Astrology and the scientific search for life in the universe. Most importantly, I went to there with my American friends who always introduce something about American to me, I feel good in there. 

         I'm really enjoying my stay here and I'm looking forward to the challenge of learning English. I appreciate everything form Philadelphia and I believe I can live better then my home.

My American Dream

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