The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Blas Rodriguez, an 18-year-old boy from Venezuola, was talking about a story happened during his life in his hometown.

“It is an island that is not big but really beautiful.” He described his hometown like this, “The Latin people there are friendly and mostly everyone knows me in that island.”

“By the way, the food there is really good.” He smiled. Then, he began to talk about his memorable story happened in his school.

It is a story about his school band. When Blas was in kindergarten, he started thinking about getting into the school band. However, he was too young to become one of the members. Therefore, he waited until middle school, which is the minimum age to get into the school band. He was so excited and enjoyed playing in the school band. Year after year, he was the experienced people in the band and had the right to command lower grade students. The school band became one of the most important part in his life and even much more important than his other school life. Then, he became the captain of the school band. As a captain, he arranged lots of shows in different countries, such as United States and Spain.

“Our last show was extremely successful. “ Blas said proudly. His eyes was shining and his face was getting red.

It was the last show Blas attended. It was also the first show they got sponsors and dancers, which was found by Blas. After the show, he even prepared free food which was from different countries, such as French food, Mexico food, American food and Asian food, etc. It was a memorable show for Blas since he was going to leave the band after the show.

“You cannot imagine how hard it is when I stood over the stage and gave a speech for my leaving.” Blas showed me the video. In the video, he stood behind the microphone wiping his tears. Students sitting under the stage were clapping for him. Blas looked at me, smiled and said, “It was my most unforgettable moment.” 

My unforgettable moment in my hometown

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