The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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vacation and venture

Cancun is a fabulous city in Mexico, I had a glorious time at the seaside. I went there last year with my friends, during my spring break. It was a impressive experience to me, the room I lived towards the sea, I heard the rhythm with sound of the crashing waves while I was going to sleep.

There are many great entertainments in Cancun. We rent a speedboat and some diving equipment, I’ve never tried this before. It was a great venture for me to drive the speedboat and swam with the fish around. I also took a parasail with my friends encouraged, because I’m an acrophobe, which means I fear the heights. I screamed when the parasail took off, but when I saw the whole city is under my feet, I stopped. I felicitated myself to take the parasail, because I will repent if I missed such a good chance to watch this fabulous city entirely.

I strongly recommend this place to the people who want to relax themselves, it was a great venture for my vacation, and I hope you can enjoy this either.  



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