The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Unfottable memory in my life

      In the evening of October 16, 2012, when I on the way to my dormitory, I heard my friends Yang call me. She said: "I have something to tell you, could you go to the playground now?” I said : “ Of course”. Then I went to the playground without any idea what she want to talk about. She told me she grandmother died yesterday when we took a walk at school playground. She also talk about the haapy hours between her grandmother and her. I listened and tried to gave her comfort.

       After about thirty minutes, she take the cakes from her bag and said: “ Happy birthday to you”. I was surpriced because I forgot the date is my birthday. I completely understood what happan: Yang lied to me in order to gave me a surprise. We had a seat at the bench besides playground. Yang inserted a candle in the mousse cake she bought to me and fired it. It was a windy October night, so she have to used her hand to block the wind until I made my birthday wishes. After she sang the birthday song for me, I blowed out the candle on my birthday cake.

      Yang and I met each other in our junior high school. She was a cool girl who come from a sigle family. It is a boarding school and we lived in the same room with other 4 girls. We became closed friends because both of us came from other cities and we always share same topic. Yang and I are still contact with each other frequently now. I believe we will continue to be good friends in the rest of our lives.


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