The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Kylah is from Texas. Some of her funniest memory's come from eighth grade,and they mostly involve her friend Ellie.

I sat at the table in the back of my 8th grade Honors English classroom, opposite the door. There were four other people in our book club project group, and my friend Candace and I were spending the free time at the end of class to play Egyptian Rat Slap with them. Our teacher, Ms. Adams, had stepped out to Mr. Thurman’s class to help him with the projector.

Ms. Adams was a very tall woman. Her short brown hair reached the base of her neck, and her fashion was always on point. That day she had on casual business attire with her usual glasses, long-sleeved sweater and maxi skirt.

She also, to my delight, had come back into the classroom just at the right time.

My other friend Ellie was sitting at the table opposite mine. Her short red hair had been pushed behind her ear to reveal the newest size of her gauges. She was tall, at least compared to Candace—though everyone’s tall compared to Candace—and sat confidently in her chair as Ms. Adams strolled back into the room.

“Look Ms. Adams! Look at my ears!” she shouted at the teacher. Ms. Adams made the mistake of turning around right as Ellie went and stuck a pencil straight through the hole in her ear.

“Ew! Ew ew ew!”Ms. Adams squealed in disgust. She backed up slowly toward the door, and swiveled her body to the exit. Everything was silent except for the wall clock and Candace’s giggles, though she tried to keep them silent. We were all trying not to laugh, because Ms. Adams was strict.

Ellie was going to get in so much trouble later.

Ms. Adams walked back in, hand covering her eyes, careful not to make the same mistake twice. Ellie still had the pencil in her ear, and it was wiggling around in her lobe. Okay, maybe it was a little gross. Ms. Adams sat down at her desk and sighed, absolutely exhausted. 


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