The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Holly is from Tallahassee, Florida. When they were in junior year of high school, they found a stray cat and brought it home. Their family has many cats, but Momo was always their favorite.

I remember everything about Momo.                                                       

It was November, and the sky was overcast. But fall in Florida isn’t like it is in the rest of the world; it had to have been around 65 or 70 degrees outside. I walked through suburban Tallahassee streets on the way to my violin lesson. The driveways I passed were long and led uphill to the houses above.

And at the end of one sat the biggest cat I had ever seen

His fur was mostly black, but there white spots around his face, stomach and feet. His eyes were a bright green that stood out against the black fur surrounding them. His most defining characteristic, however, was his tail. It was long and stood straight up when he walked. The tip, I noticed, bent at a perfect 90 degree angle.

He was a very chatty cat. His raspy meow jarred me when I passed, and I just had to pick him up. When I did, he immediately started purring louder than any cat I’d ever heard. He was so soft and I just wanted to hold him, and I rubbed our faces together. For the longest time I just stood at the end of the driveway, laughing and petting him, until I realized I had to get to class.

I set him down and started walking, and to my surprise he began to follow me. The pitter patter of his tiny white paws joined me all the way up the long driveway of my violin teacher’s house. The wooden bench outside became his perch until I picked him up again to set him on the porch.

A few days later I came back with my family to the spot where I had first found him. We didn’t even need a cat crate; he sat on my lap the whole way back to what would soon be his home. My mom drove as he tried to stick his head out the window like a dog.

We almost named him socks because of his small white feet, but we ended up calling him Momo, after Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I remember Momo very well. His choice to join our family was no coincidence. My meeting him was fate, because I was able to giving a loving animal a good home. And now, at the end of my senior year in high school, he’s passed. I hope that wherever he is now, he remembers me. 


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