The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Reunion in New York

I remember the last time me and my best friend Cindy met was about a year ago. I was excited when she told me she would go to New York during Thanksgiving holiday. We decided to meet in New York. Just with a glance, we soon recognized each other and could not help hugging together.

“You change a lot!” she smiled and looked at me from head to toe.

“You did not change at all. I mean still active and, wearing glasses.”

We walked down the street and enjoyed elegant and splendid buildings in Time Square. The shop windows on Fifth Avenue are amazing. The mouse, puppets and dogs, they were in different shop window and danced with different music. The lights in the windows kept changing color, making it become vivid and attracting. It seems like every single window was telling a story to audience. It was rain on that day and the strong wind almost blew our up. When we went back to hotel, we were all wet. However, to me, it was a great day.

Reunion in New Yourk

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