The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Black friday

11/28/2014----Which used to be a normal Friday in my mind totally destroyed my world view. I never saw so many people crowded in the mall like that.

       Because of a friend’s invitation, I went to New York with them in the thanks giving break. They kept talking about black Friday during the bus time but I didn’t care about that because I experienced the biggest sales holiday in china every year. “Double eleven” which held in November 11th and used has the meaning of single’s day became the biggest online shopping day in China these years. In this year, people created 5.7 billion RMB sales in one day. But I ignored one thing which made me saw myself so stupid that online shopping is totally different to shopping in the mall.

       We went to time square first and when we came to Macy’s the time was exactly 12:00am. I saw the long crowded line in in front of the door moved very slowly. But just in a second, the crowded began to move faster and faster, so I was just pushed by people and went into the door. I never saw so many people crowded in the mall like that. The boots were just placed in front of me but I couldn’t take them. I must crushed myself in to the crowded around the shelves and shouted loudly, “Can I take that purple boots of size 7?”

      “No more purple boots in 7!” the seller shouted back to me.

      Finally I bought a purple boot in size 6, fortunately it was the only left and fitted to my foot. But, it just took me 10 minutes from the door to the boots shelves and the popular one were totally sold out!

      I spent my first black Friday in America for pushing others and been pushing. I must said this is a special funny experience in my collage life.

Pushing and pushing

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