The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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This is the story of my first thanksgiving in USA

It was our first Thanksgiving, and as the uncle of my girlfriend, Mr. Delgado, lives here in the US, we were invited to North Carolina to spend the holidays with him. My girlfriend and I arrived on Monday, and since then we were talking about the thanksgiving dinner. Mr. Delgado told us that we will prepare the classic Turkey with smashed potatoes and grilled mushrooms. Therefore, on Wednesday we went and bought all the ingredients to cook our Thanksgiving dinner.

When we arrived to the supermarket, there was a long line on the cashier. A lot of people were buying turkey. My girlfriend thought that there was not turkey left. Fortunately, there were three left. We were waiting approximately 30 minutes to pay the turkey. When we arrived home, Mr. Jose and I started to check turkey recipes on the internet, and we marinated the turkey with Italian herbs, garlic and mustard. For the filling, we used bread, nuts, raisins and cranberries. It was easier than what I thought.

The next day our dinner was expected to be at 6:00 pm. Consequently, Mr. Jose invited his associated and his family at 5:30 pm. My girlfriend and I were responsible of the dinner while Mr. Jose was working on the hospital. At 3:30 pm, we put the turkey on the oven. Then, we started cooking the sides and preparing the table. At 5:15, my girlfriend opened the oven to check the turkey and, as a surprise, the turkey was raw. The oven turned off and we did not realize it. The guests were about to arrive and we did not have the turkey ready. We did not know what to do.  After a while, we called Mr. Jose and explained him what happened. He was shocked but at the end he started laughing. I mean, who will not laugh after a story like this. He told us not to worry, because he had a reservation on a friend’s restaurant as a plan B. Finally, we dressed up; when our guests arrived we got into the car and went to Sullivan’s, a steakhouse just two blocks away from Mr. Jose’s home. At the end, it was a good thanksgiving and the food was really good. The next time I cook, I will make sure that I check the oven more than once.  

A raw turkey is not a good dinner

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