The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Cherie is not dating anyone right now but she's happy surrounded by many friends. She talked about this

"I'm a fucking slut compared to you, "she tilts her head, look at me playfully, " think I slept with over 20 guys that month right after I broke up with him."

20. WOW. That's kinda a lot. Back in China, people would say really dirty things if they knew a girl do that. I doubt if that's more socially acceptable here even. 

But I don't look down upon her for that at all, which is weird cause I don't think I was not that an open minded person back then. There's just something about her, that even if she saying stuff like that, you wouldn't think her as anything other than being funny and honest and just lovable. I like watching her telling all the crazy stories in her life while playing her blonde hair, although later I got to know that she's not a natural blonde, but actually a brunette. 

And one night after too much wine we are crushing on the couch, she started talking about "the boyfriend"-- She never really talked about him before except for mentioning he's the one she broke up with and slept with over 20 guys right after that.

And she started crying. And I started panic, even if I was pretty drunk. It's so bizarre seeing her crying because I had always portrayed her as this "happy blonde". That's the moment I realize not everything you see is true, including her blonde hair.

A voice in my head urged me to do something, to say something, but I didn't know what to say, maybe because my English was not good, or I was so drunk, or I'm just a person not good with words at first place. 

So I just silently put my hand on her shoulder, it's shaking. 

As she continued to cry, I continued to sit by her side silently. On the coffee table, it's the strawberries covered in Nutella, which she said "holy banana this is crazy good" and insisted me to try, but I wasn't being able to finish because it's too sweet for my taste. On the TV it's the movie "Thor", starring the actor she acclaimed look exactly like "the boyfriend".

The Blonde

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June, 2014
Los Angeles

Cherie is not dating anyone right now but she's happy surrounded by many friends. She talked about this "blonde" who was the very first American girl made friend with her, and what a cultural shock and mind-opening experience she brought her.

Decade: 2010s
Recorded by SHIYI TIAN on December 3, 2014
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