The Spaces Between Your Fingers

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Evian has been to US 2 years, last time went back home was 6 months ago, relationship status: boyfriend in China.<br />
Evian tried Tinder, an online dating app,

I struggled a little bit, but put on the dress anyway. My new hair cut looks funny, which upsets me a little bit. As I walked out the door heading to the place we were supposed to meet, I kept telling myself I was just doing this for fun, nothing wrong about it. It's not a date.

We both arrived at the same time. At the first look of him, I inevitably felt disappointed: he's much cuter in pictures. He wear a simple shirt and jeans, having a hunchback and nervous look on his face. I thought I was nervous enough! 

Anyway we started walking to South street because beforehand online, he said gonna show me around. But during the walk, he didn't really talk and I had to be the one constantly trying to find topic, which was really awkward because my English is not good at the first place. And when we both fell silent just walking our own way, keeping eyes on the ground, I remembered the first time me and my boyfriend went out. I was nervous then too, but it was different, like something flipping in my heart, so unresting but pleasant at the same time. But right now I only felt uncomfortable. South street was not that fun either.

Although when he bought me coffee, helped me adding sugar and also brought me some napkins, the look on his face made me feel good because it had been long since anyone gave me that look. And I realized, it's tinder after all, I guessed maybe he did have some expectations..? Anyway I avoided his eyes then. 

I came home early that day and when I video chat with my boy friend that night, like we do everyday, I didn't feel much different.. Maybe that's the point: he always make me feel so safe and familiar, and just so right. 

It’s Not a Date

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August, 2014
Philadelphia, PA

Evian has been to US 2 years, last time went back home was 6 months ago, relationship status: boyfriend in China.
Evian tried Tinder, an online dating app, "for fun" and went out with this guy. He is the only one she has ever met from this app and when he asked her out again, she rejected. She deleted her tinder account soon after and she and her boyfriend in China still in good relationship now.

Decade: 2010s
Recorded by SHIYI TIAN on December 3, 2014
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