Almost three weeks deep and I have to say – I feel great.  I’m not wearing down at all.  Last year at this point I was a little frayed at the edges (and in the jeans) but this year’s tour has a nice smooth pace to it. 

I’m really excited about how the project is growing.  We’ve had a few blips in the media, but really the word is spreading because of YOU – sharing the website with your friends and families.  SBYF was just refered to as a “movement” for the first time the other day…and I like it.  Let’s keep it going. 
In Phoenix today for another workshop, then continuing the journey back east.  Here are some of the choice shots from the past few days.  The complete roll willl be posted on facebook when I get some more time.

Back to my old nemesis – LA!  Drew and I visited the Santa Monica pier, which is always an interesting experience.

Wisdom comes in many forms, and from all ages. Our workshop in L.A. had a slightly younger crowd.

Our friends in San Diego weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty for the cause.

And finally, one of my favorite people we’ve met so far, at Hodad’s Hamburgers in Ocean Beach, San Diego. This man is an inspiration.

Advice from a Mustache Grower

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