Hello from Rapid City, South Dakota. I was hoping to be on my way to Mt. Rushmore by now but I’m waiting around for the local post office to open – my third visit to a post office in three days. Before I left I triple-checked to verify that the size card I’m using had enough postage, but I’ve still been nervous. The first card turned up back home yesterday, but it had .60 cents postage, as opposed to the .44 I was told I needed. Has anyone else mailed in a card? I’m terrified that they are falling into some Black Hole of the Postal System…which would be totally heartbreaking, when I think of the hundreds (about 600 to this point) of cards I’ve given out, one by one, talking a little with almost everyone. Heartbroken not because I’ve wasted my own time and money, but because of the enthusiam people have had to participate – and to think all that could be lost – well, I was pretty down last night. I also hadn’t slept for 48 hours (I have a video which will explain this, but it was recorded at night and is coming up dark, but I’m working on lightening it, and will post it) and so my gloominess was compounded by fogginess.

Still, I decided to go into town last night anyway. I double-stamped the cards, just to be sure, and thought: Okay, I’m going to give out just these few cards, then I’ll let myself go to sleep.

There was some kind of festival happening in town with live music and hundreds of people. I spotted a girl sitting against a wall by herself and I offered her a card. She loved the idea, asked me all about it – not only that, but chased me down 15 minutes later with one of her friends and asked if she could have more cards! You should’ve seen how excited they were!

Now I only had two cards left. I gave one to a bearded man in his forties who took it and said: “Great idea – want to talk to a reporter?” So he took me about four feet and introduced me to his friend, a reporter for South Dakota state radio. He also loved the idea, and said they were trying to feature the arts. Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out!

And yet…the post office. I’ll keep going either way, but this would be a huge blow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain with the post office. I have been battling with the Bryn Mawr and West Chester post office for two weeks about a lost package. I have learned your post man has the power to deliver and not deliver whatever he sees fit. Good luck 🙂

  2. My fingers are crossed for you, dude…

  3. Sean Falese says:

    I wonder if you could contact them and pay in advance for the discrepancy? you know what you are sending, how many you have given out. i bet if you get the right person they might help you out.

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