Meet Mr. Ray Bowman, age 104.  We were so moved after meeting and interviewing Ray that we decided to create a big bundle of postcards, sent from different moments in his life, from what it was like to hear his grandfather tell Civil War stories, to what it was like to read in bed by gas lamp, to being astonished by a simple light switch, to meeting Bing Crosby, and all the way up to the present…when we watch documentaries about the Civil War on 70 inch flatscreen TVs in air conditioned houses.  What a life!  We had each moment illustrated (as above) by SBYF artist Alex Mashett and then presented them, in a fun ceremony, to his family.

You’ll be able to read Ray’s postcards, and many others….NEXT MONTH.  Yes, we’re almost there.  We’ve partnered with the web geniuses over at VIUS and are almost ready to unveil our custom-built digital memory library.  We will be featuring postcards from our archive regularly, and you’ll also be able to add your own memories from anywhere in the world just by grabbing a free library card!

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