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Age: 17
Postmark: PA

This week…I know it’s hard enough to fit good advice onto a postcard…do you think you can do it in 17 syllables?  The best, most-creative, most informative Haiku (5-7-5) will “win.”  The advice can be about anything, though, as always, specific insights are better than general platitudes! 

Thanks to everyone who participated this week!

Honorable Mention

If you have to bike

To distant job interviews,

Bring an extra shirt.

Andy W.

Lock picking’s easy.

Use very little pressure

on the tension wrench.

A.J. May

We all pay in time.

How will you clear your conscience?

When your lies unwind.


2nd Runner-Up

Dialing 911

works the same as if you dial


Michael M.

1st Runner-Up

Have your adventures,

But don’t ever forget to

Find your way back home.

Rosie Z.

1st Place

You can never win,

The game of monopoly,

Without taking risks.

Tanzir B.

61 responses to “Washroom Wisdom (UPDATED)”

  1. Dillon Tosto says:

    If nothing goes right
    then you should turn to the left
    now take the new route

  2. Joseph Wahl says:

    Have respect
    Always show respect
    Respect is beneficial, to advance.
    Always stay true, will decide your fate.

  3. Leroy Mapp says:

    If you really need it
    Do what you need to get it
    You will be successful

  4. Aaronei Humphrey says:

    When you think you have done good on a test, you probably have failed it.

  5. Nancy Michelle says:

    If you overlook something that is right before your eyes. Then you probably won’t see your nose.

  6. Nancy Price says:

    Never do anything
    you would be embarrassed
    to have your grandchildren find out about

    Nancy Price

  7. Devika Gadhavi says:

    Dream without your mind
    Because your mind limits you
    Don’t restrain yourself

  8. Annelle Sobin says:

    drinking coffee is
    good until you become
    addicted to it

  9. heller sam says:

    shower doors

    I really wana thank you for providing such informative and qualitative material so often.

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