The Spaces Between Your Fingers

Ready to get involved?  Here are a few ideas:

Some Postcard Writers
  • Do you, or does someone you love, have Alzheimer’s/dementia? We built this especially for you. You can begin making Memory Postcards right away with your care partner/parent/grandparent /friend/neighbor.  You can write postcards as a daily or weekly exercise and pretty soon you’ll have a whole bundle to share. Refer to our simple Guide to get started.
  • Bring SBYF to your school. You can create postcards as a one-time workshop (invite the parents & grandparents!), or as a recurring narrative writing exercise.
  • Parents: instead of just posting zillions of digital photos of your kids, why not craft those memories, those small/hilarious/poignant moments, into postcards? You’ll treasure them later. (Trust us, no matter how hard you try, you will forget these magical “in between” moments.) Note: please do not post any photographs of children currently under the age of 13. Instead, have your kids illustrate the memories, or illustrate them together.
  • Woman writing post cardWork with seniors?  Choose a day to make Memory Postcards.  (We recommend inviting family members in to serve as biographers.)  Here’s your guide.
  • Some people like to send SBYF Postcards as personalized birthday/graduation/anniversary/ “just-because” cards, to celebrate special moments and memories.  One fun idea is to have a whole bunch of people write memories about the same person, then FLOOD them with postcards on their special day.
  • Traveling?   Send back Memory Postcards to your friends and family!


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