The Spaces Between Your Fingers
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  • Operation Engrave

    Bob descended the narrow stairs, hanging a left and stopping in the doorway. Before him

    Sister Swap

    The bedroom door slammed shut, the final punctuation that would end this chapter of his life. He could still hear his (now ex) girlfriend shouting obscenities at him through...

  • Promise

    “They can’t wait three months?” Tracey started through the door, basket of freshly cleaned clothes in hand.

    “Trace.” Bob flew in after her. “It won’t be...

  • CMV Mischief

    “What kind of doctor misses a CMV?”

    Bob could hear his doctor yelling from down the hall as he untangled himself from the bedclothes of the hospital cot. Bob had finally...

  • Beau’s Reunion

    The horse shot forward; a black streak of lightning. Its hoofbeats were a distant thunder, too slow to catch him,but powerful enough to leave craterous imprints in the ground....

  • The Birth of Beau Gigolo

    The full moon was high in the sky, the large clock on the wall just striking midnight, when Miss Priss’  legs buckled.

    The horse’s high pitched whiny drew Tracey...

  • Suddenly On the Board

    He could just barely see her at the edge of his vision, hovering in the corner of the room and bouncing on her heels. He ignored her.

    “Hey daddy.” She drew out the...

  • The Bill Clinton

    “Like, the Bill Clinton?” Tracey stared at the flickering computer screen, jaw on the floor.

    “The one and only.” Bob said, looking over the lawyer’s...

  • The Sandbox

    “Think of it like this:” Bob said to his doe-eyed daughter as she settled next to him on the hospital bed, “ My belly is like a sand box. Peter Pancreas is the new in...

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